A business entity registered in the territory of the Russian Federation, regardless of its organizational and legal form, which will meet the requirements, can become a partner.

   1. Availability of office and warehouse premises;
2. Personal delivery vehicles (optional, if there is a logistics partner);
   3. The structure of the sales organization: sales representatives on cars (B2C), sales managers (B2B);
4. software that allows you to automate the accounting and control of the activities of an economic entity: 1C or other similar programs;
   5. Purchase plan for products designated by Steel Fox Original trademarks: Form B2C, form B2B, form B2C-B2B.

The package of documents required for the conclusion of a partnership agreement:
   1. Certificate of state registration;
   2. Certificate of registration with the tax authority;
   3. Charter;
4. Documents confirming the authority of the buyer's representative to sign the contract (power of attorney, document on appointment to the position of head, etc.);
5. Counterparty's card with postal and payment details, stamped;
   6. The full address of the warehouse for the delivery of products by road and the driving directions;